Railway station


Many years of experience in bending steel, CNC metal cutting, and creating unique pieces of furniture led us to one of the most important projects in Belgrade - New Railway Station Prokop. We are excited to be a part of this monumental undertaking, providing our expertise in creating the interior pieces that will adorn this impressive city center. 

Our specialty in steel bending has come to the fore in the creation of interior parts that provide strength and elegance at the same time. Through precise bending techniques, we shape the steel to reflect sophistication and functionality. This process is not only technically challenging, but also artistic, because we adapted each piece to the specific requirements of the space.

Our ability to CNC metal cutting has contributed to the creation of precise and extremely detailed pieces of furniture. Using state-of-the-art technology, each cut was performed with impeccable precision. This allowed us to achieve a high level of detail on every piece of furniture, from tables to chairs, creating harmony in the space and adding sophistication to the overall ambience.

By participating in the Prokop project, we had the opportunity to create unique pieces of furniture that are now integrated into the public and commercial spaces of the station. From imposing tables to comfortable benches, each piece of furniture is carefully designed to fit the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

As a company dedicated to quality and innovation, work at the Prokop station represents the pinnacle of our work. We are proud of the role we played in creating this extraordinary space that will serve generations of travelers and visitors. The project is not only a test of our technical expertise, but also an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to creating unique, functional and visually attractive interiors.

In the future, we will continue to research new techniques and materials in order to continue to provide superior services in the industry of steel bending, CNC metal cutting and creating unique pieces of furniture.

The Prokop railway station is just one of many projects that will mark our passion and commitment to excellence in metal design and production.