UROS – benches

Introducing the “Uroš” Bench – where modularity meets design innovation!

The “Uroš” Bench is a versatile seating solution that showcases its modular nature, allowing for endless possibilities in shaping and configuring the exterior landscape. Its ability to transform and adapt makes it a true design marvel. Whether in a straight or semi-circular arrangement, with or without backrests, this bench offers a customizable experience that turns any outdoor space into a work of art.

Crafted with precision, the supporting structure of the “Uroš” Bench is constructed using sturdy steel plates. These plates can be laser-cut to incorporate logos or other personalized designs, catering to the unique requirements of the client or investor. This feature adds a touch of individuality and branding possibilities to the bench, creating a distinctive presence in any setting.

The seating surface and backrest of the bench are skillfully crafted using high-quality wood, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. The natural beauty and warmth of the wood enhance the overall comfort and elegance of the bench, making it an inviting spot for relaxation and socializing.

The true beauty of the “Uroš” Bench lies in its modular design, allowing for seamless integration into various outdoor environments. Its adaptability makes it suitable for parks, plazas, gardens, and other public spaces, where it effortlessly becomes a focal point and a gathering spot for people to connect and unwind.

Experience the versatility and design prowess of the “Uroš” Bench, where modularity and craftsmanship converge to create a truly remarkable outdoor seating solution.

Uroš - 02.440

Dimensions: width: 189 cm, height: 45 cm, depth: 45 cm

Uroš - 02.440.1

Dimensions: width: 201 cm, height: 45 cm, depth: 142 cm, Bench bending angle: 90°.

Uroš - 02.440.2

Dimensions: width: 203 cm, height: 45 cm, depth: 124 cm. Bench bending angle: 60°.

Uroš - 02.040

Dimensions: width: 189 cm, height: 81 cm, depth: 63 cm, seat height: 45 cm

Uroš - 02.040.1

Dimensions: width: 195 cm, height: 81 cm, overall depth: 86 cm, seat depth: 45 cm.

Uroš - 02.040.2

Dimensions: width: 221 cm, height: 81 cm, depth: 161 cm, seat height: 45 cm. Bench bending angle: 90°.