MILICA – benches

Introducing the “Milica” Bench – Versatile, Stylish, and Perfect for a Quick Rest!

The “Milica” Bench is a modular seating solution that combines functionality with a sleek design. Its base can be either circular or linear, providing flexibility to suit different outdoor spaces. The outer shell is crafted from steel panels, ensuring durability and an eye-catching aesthetic. Complementing the sturdy frame, the seat consists of high-quality wooden planks, offering both comfort and a touch of natural elegance.

Designed with convenience in mind, the “Milica” Bench is ideal for those seeking a momentary respite during their outdoor adventures. Whether you need a brief pause to enjoy a serene view or to catch your breath, this bench provides a comfortable spot to relax and recharge. Its ergonomic design ensures proper support for the body, allowing you to unwind in style.

One of the remarkable features of the “Milica” Bench is its adaptability to various exteriors. The availability of a wide range of colors allows you to customize the bench to seamlessly blend into any outdoor environment. Whether you prefer vibrant hues that pop against lush greenery or subtle tones that harmonize with a minimalist landscape, the “Milica” Bench can be tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Embrace the versatility and style of the “Milica” Bench, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Enjoy its inviting seat, soak in the surrounding beauty, and create memorable moments of relaxation in any outdoor setting.

Milica - 02.450.1

Dimensions: width: 90 cm, length: 90 cm, height: 42 cm

Milica - 02.450.2

Dimensions: width: 90 cm, length: 90 cm, height: 42 cm

Milica - 02.450.3

Dimensions: width: 90 cm, length: 90 cm, height: 42 cm