Corten Art is a company that specializes in designing and creating urban furniture, including benches, waste bins, planters, and other decorative elements. Recently, they completed a project for the Janko Veselinovic Elementary School in Sabac, which included the installation of various pieces of urban furniture. The project included the installation of benches in the school's courtyard, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place for students to sit and relax.
In addition, Corten Art installed vertical and horizontal plant protectors, which helped to keep the school's greenery safe and healthy. Another important component of the project was the installation of waste bins, which helped to keep the school's grounds clean and tidy. The company also installed handrails and guardrails to help those with disabilities navigate the space with ease.
Finally, Corten Art installed low-lying planters, which added a touch of natural beauty to the school's exterior.
These planters were carefully designed and crafted to provide a safe and stable base for the school's greenery, ensuring that it will thrive for years to come. Overall, the project was a great success, and Corten Art was able to provide the Janko Veselinovic Elementary School with a wide range of beautiful and functional urban furniture.
Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has made them a leading provider of urban furniture, and they continue to be a top choice for architects, designers, and institutions throughout Serbia and beyond.